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● Sudden hearing loss or persistent tinnitus should be investigated by an ear specialist
● In the case of a sudden hearing loss, an urgent hearing assessment is needed to confirm the nature of the hearing loss
● Sudden hearing loss may be due to a viral infection and recovery of hearing depends on immediate treatment. Treatment in the first 72 hours greatly increases the likelihood that the hearing will recover
It is a mistake to believe that only noises loud enough to cause earache are capable of causing damage. The inner ear can still be harmed by noise, even when it doesn’t send you a pain signal. A rule of thumb is: if you need to shout to be heard over the noise, it’s potentially damaging. Suggestions on how to protect your ears from noise include:
● Avoid exposure to excessive noise when you can.
● Consult with your occupational health and safety officer at work if you are concerned about noise levels in the workplace.
● When unavoidably exposed to loud noise, wear personal hearing protection such as earplugs, ear muffs or both.
● Wear filtered hearing protection (musicians ear plugs) in noisy environments, such as discos, rock concerts or motor racing events.
● Remember that everyday equipment, such as lawnmowers, power tools and personal stereos, may be loud enough to be damaging your ears.
Middle ear infection is an infection behind the eardrum. Ear infections are very common in children, especially under the age of seven years. Middle ear infections are usually caused by a viral or bacterial infection. The symptoms of ear infection include earache, fever, discharge and some hearing difficulty.
Some middle ear infections lead to the condition known as glue ear. This is when fluid in the middle ear becomes thick, further immobilises the eardrum, causing increased hearing difficulty. This is not usually permanent but needs medical management.
If antibiotics are prescribed it is important that your child finishes the medicine according to the instructions (usually for five to seven days). Your child must keep taking the medicine even if they seem better after a day or two.
Barotrauma refers to hearing damage caused by changes in air pressure on either side of the eardrum. This can be caused by descending or ascending through water too quickly while scuba diving, or descending in an aeroplane when suffering from a bad cold.
Certain drugs can permanently damage your hearing. Other drugs may cause a temporary hearing loss which is reversible. Certain industrial chemicals may also be involved in hearing damage. See you doctor immediately if you experience unusual symptoms such as hearing loss or tinnitus while on a course of medication. If your line of work involves chemicals, talk to your occupational health and safety officer about ways to reduce your exposure.
An audiogram represents your hearing and hearing loss across the pitch range necessary for speech detection. A hearing threshold shows how loud a certain pitch of sound needs to be before it is heard by the listener. The audiogram below indicates some common environmental sounds within the pitch range tested.