General Practitioners

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Referring your patient
to Hearing Innovations

Our standard consultation involves a full audiological assessment. Further management including hearing device fitting and cochlear implant assessment is conducted upon request.

We are accredited to provide Medicare subsidised hearing assessments for patients with a referral from a GP or a specialist.

The Hearing Innovations Referral Form is available here.

A Medicare rebate is also available for clients who have a Chronic Disease Management Plan from their GP which allows up to 5 audiological visits per year.

Click here for Chronic Disease Management Plan

Alternatively please phone us on 02 9327 6611 for a Referral Pad.

Some private health funds provide a rebate for audiology consultations. Hearing Innovations has a contract with the Office of Hearing Services to provide free or subsidised hearing devices for eligible pensioners and veterans.

Hearing Services Program (Formerly known as Office of Hearing Service - OHS)

All patients (any age) should consult an audiologist if they experience one or more of the following difficulties:

  • Hearing in quiet and/or noise

  • Listening, remembering or paying attention in conversations

  • Balance disorders

  • Tinnitus

  • Poor sound tolerance

  • Delayed speech or language

  • Classroom/learning difficulties

  • Medico-legal hearing concerns

  • Frequent or recurrent ear infections

  • Difficulty adjusting to hearing aids or hearing loss

  • Difficulty accepting hearing difficulties

  • Sudden changes to hearing

  • Family concerns or frustration related to hearing and communication

When do I refer a patient?

Please contact us on 02 9327 6611 to request any of the following additional services:

  • Same day service for urgent audiological assessment. We will make every effort to help accommodate your practice request

  • Detailed report of audiological assessment with recommendations emailed within 24 hours (same day turnaround for urgent requests)

  • Telephone consultations with a Hearing Innovations audiologist

  • In-house breakfast or lunch time tutorials by audiologists to assist with audiological management (interpretation of audiology reports, case studies)

  • Educational evenings tailored to your request

  • Audiology information sheets and brochures

Additional services
for General Practitioners