New technology partnership links Cochlear implant to iPhone

Since the late 1970s, Australia has been the world leader in what is called implant hearing, known as the cochlear implant.

And a new development is now bringing the bionic ear closer to the item that all of us carry these days; the mobile phone.

In a new union between Cochlear and computer giant Apple, the cochlear implant can now be directly linked to the iPhone, without the need for additional middleman hardware to facilitate a call.

The new software inside Apple phones will now allow a direct link to the cochlear implant, that can be used by the wearer to make calls, use FaceTime, as well as the myriad of other features accessible on the phone.

This new link between the iPhone and the cochlear implant commences with Cochlear’s latest model, the Nucleus 7, but will be a standard feature from here on.

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John Paul Wager